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About eCommerce Chanakya

eCommerce Chanakya is your account management partner and a prominent eCommerce marketing agency which can help grow your sales through online eCommerce platforms, using the strategic plan to promote your brand, and enormously increasing your sales. Let our professionals actively handle all of your seller accounts to automate your business and to help you become more visible on other marketplaces.

With our successful account management strategies your eCommerce sales will grow for sure. We oversee every aspect of your online store while your current eCommerce accounts undergoes a thorough investigation by our professional account managers, who will then provide a detailed report of their findings, including any problems they discovered as well as any activities you should take to improve your sales volume.

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eCommerce Marketing Services

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Amazon Marketing Services

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Flipkart Marketing Services

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Meesho Marketing Services

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Jiomart Marketing Services

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Myntra Marketing Services

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Shopsy Marketing Services

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Nykaa Marketing Services

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Etsy Marketing Services

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Boost Your eCommerce Sales

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People are using the internet increasingly and frequently to find the goods and services they require. As a result, even for small firms, eCommerce is more crucial than ever. The presence of an online store alone is insufficient. To maximize your eCommerce sales, you must take efforts to improve your eCommerce selling performance with our eCommerce marketing company. If not, your business may not grow to its full potential.

The majority of individuals anticipate being able to seek what they’re looking for online. Many individuals are actually prepared to only purchase online. A lot of potential sales are therefore lost if you don’t have an online store. So, along with registering your business on eCommerce platform, the above are 12 marketing strategies we employ to help you boost your eCommerce sales along with the information you need to know about selling online.

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Along With eCommerce Marketing Services We Also Offer

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

Through social media marketing emphasizes on creation & execution of marketing strategy to generate sales for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Receive multiple orders, promote your brand, & get yourself ranked on all eCommerce marketplaces organically with the help of eCommerce SEO.

Packaging Designing Services

Appealing & contemporary packaging designs for your products to keep them safe & sound and will eventually improve your brand image.

Why Choose Our eCommerce Marketing Agency?

Want to increase sales? Increase conversions on your eCommerce website like crazy. Having no time or knowledge, though? The simple answer to your question is to collaborate with an eCommerce marketing company like eCommerce Chanakya.

However, if you decide to work with any random eCommerce marketing firm, there is a significant chance that you may put your money at stake. In order to develop a reliable professional relationship and boosting your eCommerce sales aggressively, you can simply get in touch with our experts. Here are some advantages of using our eCommerce marketing services in India:



Higher User

Increase in
Organic Traffic


Acquisition Cost

More Social


Reasons You Should Choose Us

eCommerce Chanakya is a prominent eCommerce marketing agency in India, and our team of trained marketers, seasoned writers, certified PPC advertisers, designers, and analysts collaborate to increase sales. Consider using us to market your online business for the following reasons:

Customized Campaigns

Personalized marketing provides several advantages for both the business & the customers. It enhances the customer experience by retaining consistency and unity across all channels, resulting in stronger brand loyalty and, eventually, more revenue.

Quality Content

With our eCommerce marketing services we constantly aim high for content that is relevant, entertaining, and beneficial to your target audience. It assists you in attracting people, solving their queries, converting them into customers, and increasing retention.


eCommerce automation may improve the customer experience while allowing businesses to tackle more critical duties that need thinking and social skills. Automating your eCommerce procedures can help you reduce time-consuming and repetitive chores while also simplifying processes that could be time-consuming.

Multi-Channel Approach

The use of multiple media outlets for communicating marketing messages. Email, social media, mobile, display advertisements, and many other channels may be included. Using different channels helps marketers to communicate with their customers at many touchpoints, resulting in a more holistic campaign.

What Makes Us Better?

Understanding Your

We first understand what your business is, what your customer’s demands are, how to fulfill that, etc. Together with the knowledge of your business and products, we assist you in managing your operations more effectively, reducing business risks, and maximizing possibilities.

Create a Data Driven

We think that data is the key to effective eCommerce marketing and by utilizing data analysis and interpretation, taking strategic judgments. Our data-driven strategies allow us to review and organize the data in order to better serve the business and its consumers.

Strategically Targeted

A targeted advertisement, as opposed to a broad advertisement, is intentionally positioned to reach a precisely defined audience based on historical consumer behavior and other data. Targeted advertisements provide several advantages to both marketers and consumers.

Working With Marketing

Our marketing specialists discover the methods and approach that businesses employ to gain clients. They set prices based on product demand and supply, which helps a company's earnings and market share expand.

Optimizing The

We increase the efficacy of advertising campaigns by applying variations to specific features to reach targeted business goals. Keyword usage/optimization, dynamic search advertisements, and compelling ad text are all ad campaign methods.

Quick & Effective

We consider success to be reflective and quick & effective reporting makes the job much easier by providing our clients with all of the data that they need to make the required changes to improve and expand your business and grow sales.

Faster Response

We respect your time which is why our staff keeps turnaround times short and revert quickly with possible outcomes on queries, suggestions, guidance, etc.

Growing ROAS

Prepare to enjoy outstanding ROAS for your eCommerce business with our data-driven marketing techniques, and operational strategies that have shown to be effective over the time.

Additional Setup

We begin trial campaigns with a modest budget and then progressively increase them to achieve cost optimization, understand customer behavior, and act accordingly.


What Our Clients Say


Hiring an eCommerce marketing agency in India can bring a range of benefits to your business, such as access to specialised expertise and resources, an eCommerce digital marketing agency  helps you increase your business sales with the help of different techniques & strategies.

An eCommerce marketing agency in India helps you sell your products on various eCommerce platforms & marketplaces & also helps you build your own eCommerce store or marketplace.

As an eCommerce marketing company, we have worked with a variety of businesses including fashion retailers, beauty brands, grocery stores, organic product brands, electronic goods sellers, home & interior goods and various other niches. We are known for budget eCommerce services for small businesses.

Our results-driven approach has helped clients achieve significant growth in website traffic, sales, and brand awareness through targeted advertising, social media management, and other marketing strategies. For example, we helped a fashion retailer increase their online sales by 35% through Facebook and Instagram advertising, while a beauty brand saw a 40% increase in email sign-ups and a 25% increase in online sales after implementing our SEO strategy.

An eCommerce marketing company offers a range of services to help businesses achieve their marketing goals & boost their sales, some specific services eCommerce Chanakya provide are:

Amazon Marketing Services

Flipkart Marketing Services

Myntra Marketing Services

Meesho Marketing Services

JioMart Marketing Services

Shopsy Marketing Services

Nykaa Marketing Services

Etsy Marketing Services

Other than eCommerce advertising services, we also provide various digital marketing services like: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Lead Generation, and Website Design & Development Services.

Yes, here at eCommerce Chanakya we offer eCommerce services for small businesses & startups with limited budgets. We understand the challenges that new businesses face and offer cost-effective solutions to help them grow. Our team of experts can provide the best eCommerce marketing services in India to boost your sales & revenue. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

As an eCommerce advertising agency, we will begin by thoroughly understanding your business, target audience, and industry to create a custom marketing strategy that aligns with your goals. Our team will use various digital marketing channels such as social media or paid advertising to drive sales to your business.

We will also continuously track and analyze your eCommerce marketplace analytics & data. Our team will regularly communicate with you to ensure that we are meeting your specific needs and making necessary adjustments to drive results. Our tailored approach will be designed to help you stand out in a competitive market and achieve long-term success.

As an eCommerce digital marketing agency, we use various key performance indicators like conversion rates & revenue to measure the success of our campaigns and report back to clients. We also analyze sales and other data through specific marketplace insights and analytics and also compare that result with the initial objectives and goals set with the client, to determine that the campaign was a success and make recommendations for future campaigns.

Our eCommerce Marketing Services

Your Growth Partner

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Amazon Marketing Services is a suite of services that help sellers and vendors to sell their products on Amazon & increase their product visibility and sales.

Flipkart marketing agency, Flipkart marketing services, Flipkart advertising agency, Flipkart advertising services, Flipkart product listing services, Flipkart listing services, and Flipkart account management services


Flipkart is India’s one of the largest eCommerce platforms that allows sellers to sell their products on Flipkart, and reach a wider audience through Flipkart.


Myntra is India’s one of the largest fashion stores which offers selling services to businesses looking to promote their products on the Myntra platform.


JioMart is an Indian eCommerce platform that allows sellers & vendors to sell & promote their products online on the platform to reach a wider audience.


Shopsy is an eCommerce platform that allows small businesses to sell their products online at zero commission & reach a larger audience.


Etsy is an online marketplace where small businesses can sell handmade, vintage, and unique goods. It allows creatives to showcase their products.


Meesho is an Indian eCommerce platform that allows individuals and small businesses to sell products with low startup costs and no inventory requirements.


Nykaa is an Indian eCommerce platform that sells beauty & wellness products, it offers businesses to sell their products online through the platform.

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